Purple Garnet Gemstone

With a soft grape color rivaling the finest amethyst, Purple Garnet provides a tasty addition to any collection.

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Purple Garnet can be considered among the most exquisite shades available in rhodolite garnet. Rhodolite is a member of the pyrope-almandine garnet group. There are five primary groups that gem-quality garnets hail from, and most garnets are a blend of more than one, providing collectors and admirers endless variety.


Purple Garnet Color

Generally, rhodolite garnet ranges from a rose to red color. Purple Garnet, on the other hand, appears as a delicious grape color. While all garnets typically have the same crystal structure, their chemical composition can vary wildly. This provides the great diversity we enjoy today. Purple garnets, with other members of its family, are idiochromatic gemstones. Their color is determined by its chemical composition. In this case, the rich purple color is due to the strong presence of magnesium and iron within the stone.

The color is intensely saturated, making smaller sizes more ideal for the best display of color. Stones become very dark as their size increases, and it's rare to see specimens over three carats.

Purple Garnet vs. Amethyst

Now, if you were to place a purple garnet alongside a fine amethyst, you would be struck by the similarity in color. Despite these surface similarities, fine examples of amethyst tend to appear in a royal purple color, with more blue. Purple garnet will show redder in their grape color. The luster of these gems also set them apart. Amethyst possesses a vitreous luster, resembling polished glass when cut. Purple garnet has what is known as a sub-adamantine luster, which is almost diamond-like.



Purple Garnet Birthstone

• Garnet is the official birthstone of January in the United States. Traditionally, red garnets represent the month. Purple garnet offers an ideal substitute for anyone who wants to use the traditional stone but put a spin on the color. While other stones have fallen in and out of favor over the years as birthstones, garnet has been recognized as a January birthstone since the 15th century!

• For those who enjoy following traditions of the Zodiac, garnet is also the Aquarian birthstone. Aquarius is the tropical zodiac sign for those born from January 21st through February 18th.



Location: Africa


Arusha Gem Show

The rough for Purple Garnet was acquired from the Arusha Gem Fair of Tanzania. The event joins thirteen African countries, allowing industry professionals, dealers, and collectors to rub elbows in a three-day event. Our network of dealers and private collectors enable us to negotiate the best prices in these scenarios consistently. Notably, Arusha is important as a key facet of the event seeks to empower women. Training in gem cutting and carving is offered, in addition to mentorship by strong female role models.

Mozambique Purple Garnet

Though the rough material was purchased at the Arusha Gem Fair of Tanzania, the stone originates from Mozambique. The country sits on the coast of Southeastern Africa.

The Purple Garnet material coming from Mozambique is a recent discovery, first becoming known commercially in 2015. Purple garnets were periodically found before then, but none rival the quality from the Mozambique mine.



  • Ranks 7.0 to 7.5 on the Mohs scale.
  • Color presents as a lively purple, reminiscent of grapes.
  • Sourced from Mozambique, Africa.
  • No known treatments.