Chartreuse Quartz

Chartreuse Quartz is a vibrant stone known for its bright golden-green hue. This gemstone brings the juicy lemon-lime zest of chartreuse.

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The chartreuse color of this quartz is reminiscent of the traditional peridot gemstone. However, peridot can be a challenging stone for gem cutters and jewelry designers to work with, adding to its expense. Its uneven crystals are also relatively easy to break. To work around this challenge cutters must shape the stone based on its crystal structure, producing round, emerald, and antique or oval-shaped cuts.

However, Shop LC can offer an alternative to pricier peridot gemstones by developing a unique coloring process and applying it to high-quality clear quartz crystals. This Chartreuse Quartz is easier to cut and has more versatility in jewelry design than peridot.

After color treatments, this variety of quartz is converted into a triplet, a process that secures the colored stone between two layers of a protective natural crystal cap. Chartreuse Quartz is a fine transparent gemstone that sparkles brilliantly as light passes through it uninterrupted.



• Chartreuse Quartz is an assembled gemstone. Therefore it has no association with birthstones or astrology.



Location: Brazil

Shop LC sources quartz gemstones from Minas Gerais, Brazil. This area is known to produce some of the highest quality clear quartz gems in the world. The quartz then undergoes treatments to provide its vibrant color and then it is converted into a triplet to finish the stone.

Gemstone quality quartz can be found all over the world. However, the best quality and most brilliant natural clear quartz crystals are found in Brazil.



  • Ranks seven on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • This gem has undergone a coloring process and conversion to a triplet stone.