Morganique Quartz

Capturing gentle pinks and oranges within its glow, Morganique Quartz emulates its well-known cousin.

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Morganique Quartz perfectly captures the soft pink to orange-pink of the better-known gemstone morganite, offering an affordable alternative to this pricey stone. As this variety of quartz is manufactured, it benefits from having even color infused throughout the stone, which is often a challenge with natural morganite. Smaller sized specimens of Morganique Quartz will also possess a stronger hue than similarly sized morganite, providing another excellent reason to consider this gem.



• Morganique Quartz is a gemstone created from natural quartz and does not have any association with birthstones or astrology.

• This gem is named to honor the natural gem that inspired it: morganite. Morganite is named for J.P. Morgan, a prominent financier, and longtime gem collector.



Location: Brazil

An assembled gemstone, Morganique Quartz is carefully crafted from natural quartz sourced from Brazil. This gemstone is a triplet, comprised of a bottom and cap created from quartz, with a middle layer composed of infused color.

Brazilian landscape.


  • Morganique Quartz measures as a seven on the Mohs scale.
  • The gem is constructed as a triplet, combining three separate layers into a single finished stone.