Sphaleros Quartz Gemstone

Like a fresh citrus fruit, sphaleros quartz offers crisp golden hues with hints of orange.

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Gemstones are amazing natural treasures, available in a seemingly endless array of colors. Unfortunately, the rarity of some of these gemstones limits their availability to collectors. Sphalerite is an unusual golden to citrus orange gemstone. Extremely rare, the last major Spanish deposit had mining operations cease in the late 1980’s. Sphaleros quartz brings you the enticing colors of this gem, at the daily low cost Shop LC offers.


What Color is Sphaleros Quartz?

Sphaleros quartz is an assembled triplet gemstone. Carefully constructed, the colored component of this stone is engineered to match the striking colors of sphalerite. Sphaleros quartz displays enchanting golden yellow hues, flickering with notes of citrus orange.

Other Sphaleros Quartz Quality Factors

As an assembled gemstone, sphaleros quartz utilizes a base of genuine rock crystal quartz as a base. Brazilian quartz is renowned for its high-quality, and these factors lend themselves well to the manufacturing process.

The clarity of the quartz lends a delightful, eye-clean, appearance to sphaleros quartz. With a vitreous luster, polished stones take on a glassy finish that sparkle in the light. Combining with the coloring process, these jewels glow with a light that delights.

The rock crystal of Brazil occurs in a vast range of sizes. This is fortunate, as it means our artisans can create a range of sizes for showcasing the unique color of sphaleros quartz. Shop LC offers this gem from one to ten carats. Expect to find your favorite shapes, too! Rounds, octagons, ovals, baguettes, and many more popular cuts are available, thanks to the utility of genuine quartz.

Who Should Wear Sphaleros Quartz?

If you’ve ever aspired to own rare and exotic gemstones such as sphalerite, then sphaleros quartz is for you! Thanks to modern technology, these assembled gems capture the timeless golden hues present in sphalerite.

If you appreciate the sunny warmth of yellows and oranges, then consider adopting sphaleros quartz. It’s a great opportunity to add a large and bold gemstone to your collection, perfect for casual events that benefit from an injection of cheer.



• As an assembled gemstone, sphaleros quartz does not have a vast body of lore surrounding its origin and metaphysical benefits.

• However, yellows are associated with traits like positivity, fidelity, courage, and optimism. It’s a color we wear to bolster our resolve and inject confidence into our daily routine. Yellow is perfect to wear when undertaking new beginnings, whether that’s graduating from school or starting a new job.

• Just as the sun illuminates us in its warm light, yellow is also considered a color of illumination. It bears association with enlightenment, helping dispel fiction from fact in our quests of self-discovery.



Location: Brazil


Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on Earth. You’ll find quartz all over the globe, considering it’s the second most abundant rock out there. However, not all quartz is equal when considering its incorporation into gemstone jewelry. A few worldwide locations produce high-quality natural quartz. Minas Gerais of Brazil is one such place. Known for producing a range of amazing gemstones, the rock crystal quartz of Minas Gerais is considered by many to be the best quality available. Shop LC sources our quartz supply from here for use in constructing our assembled triplet gemstones.




• Ranks seven on the Mohs scale of hardness.

• Sphaleros quartz presents a strong, golden citrus color.

• Quartz crystal is sourced from Minas Gerais, Brazil.

• Sphaleros quartz is an assembled triplet gemstone.

• May also be known as color change pyrope-spessartine garnet.