What is Mundarara Ruby?

Can a chance discovery change your life? Learn how an accidental discovery changed the course of ruby mining in Tanzania, home to Mundarara ruby.

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Determining Mundarara Value

Is Mundarara ruby valuable? The value of colored stones is typically determined by a combination of its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. This is no different when determining what ruby is worth. These guidelines will help you choose Mundarara ruby stones for your collection.

  • Mundarara Ruby Color

African ruby is known for its vibrant red color, and Mundarara ruby is no exception. This material frequently draws comparisons to Mozambique material, like Niassa ruby.

Expect Mundarara ruby to exhibit robust red to purplish red color in the best stones.

  • Mundarara Ruby Clarity

Expect to find some inclusions in a genuine ruby gemstone. It’s a sign of its natural origin. In Mundarara ruby, these most often take the form of thin needles or tiny platelets. These often create the appearance of a silky texture within the stone.

  • Mundarara Ruby Cut

Mundarara ruby of facet-quality typically occurs in thin hexagonal discs. For this reason, the shaping of the stone favors cuts that maximize the yield of the stone, such as ovals.

  • Mundarara Ruby Carat

Most crystals are around one-carat or less, but specimens up to three-carats are known. Expect to see a significant price increase for stones over one carat.

Mundarara Ruby Treatment

Gemstones are frequently treated to improve their beauty or durability. Mundarara ruby undergoes a fissure filling process. This treatment process improves the durability of the stone by filling in areas that might otherwise cause the stone to break. Also, it enhances the clarity of the jewel, increasing its beauty.

Caring for Mundarara Ruby

Ranking nine on the Mohs scale of hardness, Mundarara is very resistant to scratching or abrasion. Besides, its toughness is usually excellent, making it an ideal choice for daily wear.

Due to the fissure filling process, the best way to care for your stone is through standard gem and jewelry care. Clean with a soft bristled brush, lukewarm soapy water, and dry with a soft cloth. Avoid ultrasonic or steam cleaners as these devices can damage the stone. Avoid heat or harsh chemicals, which can also damage the appearance of the gem.

Store Mundarara ruby jewelry with other rubies or sapphires, but avoid more delicate stones to prevent accidental damage.

Who Can Wear Mundarara Ruby?

Classic reds are always in style, making a Mundarara ruby and excellent choice for gemstone jewelry. Many favor red against a neutral background of black or white, letting the gem steal the show.

How Does Mundarara Ruby Compare to Other Rubies?

Rubies are prized for their brilliant reds, and Mundarara ruby doesn’t disappoint! Most frequently, these stones draw a comparison to Mozambique rubies. Anyone who has seen a Niassa ruby will appreciate what this means, as Mozambique gems are highly prized among African rubies.

Burmese ruby, perhaps the most famous ruby gemstone, is best known for its prized ‘pigeon blood’ color that is present in its most beautiful specimens. Typically, Burmese rubies at Shop LC favor to a pink undertone, while Mundarara rubies favor a purple undertone.

Despite these differences, all of these stones have the potential to display comparable shades of red. Origin alone won’t dictate the color potential within any single gem.

Where Does Mundarara Ruby Come From?

For over 100 years rubies have been known in Tanzania. The largest producer of rough ruby material is the Longido District. Here, at the Mundarara mine, precious rubies are mined alongside deposits of green zoisite. Mixed together, this rock is sometimes called anyolite, or ruby-in-zoisite.

The Mundarara deposits have been active since the late 1940s. Until then, the mines were only operating sporadically. From the 1970s through the 1980s, the mines were run by the government. Since 2017, there has been a ruby boom, and many aspiring miners and traders have flocked to Mundarara, hoping to strike it rich. Estimates suggest that over 3000 people make a living from mining or processing rubies.

How is Mundarara Ruby Mined?

For the most part, miners employ artisanal techniques in extracting rough stone from the ground. Using a simple pulley system, miners dig a pit. Workers haul filled buckets to the surface, where promising rough is separated from waste material.

When mined, the rubies are still encased in the host rock, which is usually zoisite. Workers clip away the rough with clippers and other tools. For many miners, it’s a family affair. Men typically work the mines, while their wives and children work on processing the stone.

Mundarara Ruby Properties

What Does Mundarara Ruby Mean?

Ruby is a stone of passion, and the deep reds of this gem are thought to stimulate erotic feelings when held or placed on the body. Gem therapists also believe that the stone is useful for improving circulatory function and regulating blood pressure.

In addition to physical passion, ruby is a stone of romantic love. Crystal healers tell that it improves one’s luck in matters of the heart. It encourages openness and communication in relationships.

Disclaimer: For informational purposes only. These remedies, approaches, and techniques are not a substitute for professional medical care or treatment. They should not be used to treat any ailment without prior consultation with a qualified health care professional.

Is Mundarara Ruby a Birthstone?

Ruby is the modern birthstone for July. Mundarara ruby is a great option when choosing birthstone jewelry as a gift, or just a for yourself.

Ruby is also a traditional anniversary gift for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries.

Mundarara Ruby Facts

  • Mundarara ruby ranks nine on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • This stone is known for its red to purplish red color.
  • Shop LC sources our supply of Mundarara ruby directly from Mundarara, Tanzania.
  • A fissure filling treatment enhances the durability and clarity of this stone.