Sunset Sapphire Gemstone

Like its namesake, sunset sapphire burns with the beautiful intensity of a dusky sky.

Sunset sapphire wing shaped drop earrings.Sunset sapphire cluster ring in sterling silver and yellow gold finish.Sunset sapphire diamond shape cluster ring for women.Sunset sapphire cross pendant with chain.

Sunset sapphire captures the magic of twilight in a gemstone! Boasting an intense and fiery orange bodycolor, vibrant reds lick like flames through the stone as you turn it around your fingers.

Sunset Sapphire Color

Primarily orange in color, a varying amount of red will show through a sunset sapphire. This can show in a faceted stone resulting in a very orange gem, with just a hint of orange, to almost the opposite – a gemstone that looks almost entirely engulfed in red with a subtle spot of orange.

Other Sunset Sapphire Properties

Finished stones have an eye-clean clarity, requiring magnification to view any inclusions. The faceted and polished surface possesses a glassy shine, making sunset sapphire sparkle. Sapphires are known for their excellent durability, and sunset sapphire is no exception. Coupled with its Mohs hardness ranking of nine, this gemstone a great choice for daily wear.

Caring for Sunset Sapphire

Sunset sapphire is a hardy gem, and has easy care! Stones can be cleaned periodically with a solution of mild dishwashing liquid soap and lukewarm water. Scrub with a soft-bristled brush and rinse with cool, clean water. Just dry with a soft cloth, and you’re done!



Sunset Sapphire as a Birthstone

• Sapphires are the modern birthstone for September, which includes sunset sapphire! While blue sapphire is thought of from a traditional perspective, any fancy colored sapphire is suitable as a September birthstone.

• While sapphires have been the modern September birthstone since the early 20th century, cultures have used this stone in earlier times as well. Since at least the 15th century, sapphires have been worn as a birthstone for April. It wasn’t until 1912 that it was adopted into the modern birthstone list to represent September.

• In the tropical zodiac, sapphires represent the star sign Taurus. Taureans are those born between April 20th through May 21st. Traditional lore suggested the gems would help with afflictions of the mind.

• Finally, sapphires are a traditional gift for the 23rd wedding anniversary.



Location: Australia, Madagascar, and Thailand

Sapphire gemstones are known worldwide. Sunset sapphire undergoes a special treatment to produce its fiery color. But, before enhancement, Shop LC sources some of the finest colorless sapphires to create this stunning beauty. Colorless corundum for sunset sapphire comes from Australia, Madagascar, and Thailand. These three countries are well-known for their gemstone production.

Mining for Sunset Sapphire

Sunset sapphire is enhanced for color but starts life as a colorless stone. Mining for the rough sapphire can vary widely between these three sources, with a variety of tools and techniques used.

These can be small scale operations, as used by artisanal miners, where a combination of hand tools and hard work wins the day. Often seen in areas like Madagascar, miners will collect loads of gravel from alluvial deposits. An alluvial deposit is a source of gems that is created through natural processes of the Earth, where rocks are pushed from below to the surface. After collecting promising gravel, they will pan the material, washing away the waste. If they’re lucky that day, small pebbles of rough sapphire gems will be left behind!

This process can also be mechanized, and in areas like Australia, it often is done. A conveyor belt is loaded with gravel, that is dumped into a mechanized washing device. The material is agitated with water and slowly passes through a series of sieves. By the end, a final inspection is performed by hand, and remaining gem rough is shipped away for cutting.

The yield from rough can vary widely. Not only should the faceted gems be free from eye-visible inclusions, but color matching is also crucial. It’s a time-consuming process, where enhanced stones are compared against master stones to determine like colors. Once sorted, these gems will eventually find homes as finished jewelry!



  • Ranks nine on the Mohs scale of hardness.
  • Sunset sapphires are orange in color, with faint to strong secondary red tones.
  • Sourced from Australia, Madagascar, and Thailand.
  • Sunset sapphires are heat treated and beryllium treated. Beryllium treatment is also known as lattice diffusion.