Scapolite Red Cat's Eye Gemstone

With limited availability, collectors compete for ownership of the sought after Cat's Eye Scapolite. It exhibits remarkably sharp eyes full of deep red radiance.

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The technical term for the cat's eye effect is chatoyancy. The chatoyant effect comes from the reflection of light through fibrous materials or channels in the gemstone.

Our Cat's Eye Scapolite is known for its fiery red brilliance and sharp chatoyant effect. Stones are shaped into cabochons to display this intriguing visual effect. Polished stones will display a vitreous, or glass-like, luster. In addition, red scapolite tends to be more rare. This gem is typically found in yellow or purple colors.



• The word chatoyancy is from the French phrase "œil de chat," which translates as 'cat's eye.'

• The tiny inclusions which create the cat's eye effect are sometimes referred to as 'silk.'



Location: Madagascar

Madagascar offers the best quality of Cat's Eye Scapolite. Shop LC sources our supply from the Soamiakatra mines of Madagascar.

Madagascan landscape.


  • Ranks 5.5 to 6 on the Mohs scale.
  • Color is deep red with cat's eye effect.
  • Sourced from Soamiakatra, Madagascar.
  • All-natural and untreated gemstone.