Mozambique Paraíba Tourmaline Gemstone

Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline has become a worldwide sensation largely in part to its sensational turquoise coloring and distinct composition. Mother Nature's secret formula for Paraiba tourmaline includes copper an element unique to this variety to tourmaline.

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Paraiba tourmaline is a striking gemstone known for its unique glow that has been described as "neon" and "electric." This precious stone has only been found in copper-rich areas of Brazil Nigeria and Mozambique. Mining this stone is difficult; Paraiba tourmaline is mined mostly by hand with manual tools. The use of dynamite has been discouraged because it damages the crystals.

The German Foundation for Gemstone Research found that Paraiba tourmaline has a gold content of 8.6 parts per million (ppm) significantly higher than the earth's crust at 0.007 ppm. However it is the copper found within its chemical composition that gives Paraiba tourmaline its glowing turquoise pigment. Normally tourmaline gets its color from iron manganese chrome or vanadium and copper has not been found in any other form of tourmaline than Paraiba.

Tourmaline when heated or rubbed creates an electrical charge becoming a magnet that attracts lightweight materials. Almost all tourmaline has been heat treated for color enhancement including Paraiba tourmaline.




• Tourmaline's ability to present in a variety of colors inspired the ancient Egyptian legend that this gem traveled over a rainbow gathering its colors during the journey.

• During the 18th century a Dutch scientist claimed that tourmaline wrapped in silk and placed against the cheek would induce sleep in feverish children.

• Tourmaline may enhance the sense of smell aiding in the perception of pheromones for an aphrodisiac effect. Also its electrostatic magnetism led many to believe that this stone could attract love.

• Crystal healers use this gem to treat motion sickness headaches migraines sinusitis insomnia and night sweats. It is also thought to restore luster and shine to hair and nails.



Location: Mozambique

Brightly colored Paraiba tourmaline deposits were first discovered in 1989 in the Brazilian state of Paraíba by gem miner Heitor Dimas Barbosa. Following the depletion of the Brazilian mines a deposit was discovered in the African nation of Mozambique in 2003. Shop LC sources its Paraiba tourmaline from mines in Mozambique. Unlike Brazilian stones Mozambique Paraiba Tourmaline contains fewer inclusions and can be found in larger sizes.

Wildlife in Mozambique.


  • Ranks 7 to 7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.
  • Color presents an intense electric blue-green.
  • Sourced from Mozambique.
  • Member of the tourmaline family.
  • Also known as cuprian elbaite and copper tourmaline.
  • Birthstone for October.
  • Heat treated for color enhancement.