General Jewelry Cleaning


General Care Tips

With all gemstones and organic substances avoid rough handling.

Store jewelry items separately to avoid scratching.

Do not use ultrasonic cleaning devices.

Keep away from solvents (including harsher dishwashing solutions), chemicals and heat.

When participating in a sport or outdoor activities such as gardening, protect your jewelry.

Lotions, hairspray, and makeup may also cause discoloration of jewelry. When applying these items, wait until they have dried before donning your jewelry.

Step 1: preparation


The 925 stamp on the inside of a ring.

Use a magnifying glass to check the settings and that stones are secure. Dirt and residue can disguise loose settings. Use the toothpick to apply gentle pressure to the stone to see if it moves. Prongs should be checked as well, making certain they securely hold the stone.

Step 2: cleaning


The 925 stamp on the inside of a ring.

Create a simple cleaning solution by mixing one quart of lukewarm water with one Tablespoon of mild dishwashing liquid. Mix enough cleaning solution to cover your jewelry. For smaller pieces and loose stones, place the items in a strainer before placing the in the bowl. After allowing your jewelry to soak in a clean glass bowl for 15 minutes or more, use a soft toothbrush to remove residue and use a toothpick for the crevices. Rinse with water.

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