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    It can be conveniently said that green is the most soothing color, as it is present everywhere around us in nature. Green denotes harmony; it also stands for freshness. But how green is your fashion quotient? Well, green is the new means of measuring the bling factor, especially when you make a style statement through finely crafted jewelry. Yes, you guessed it right. We are talking about emeralds here. Have you been thinking of a gorgeous pendant that will go with your office and party outfits? Or maybe what’s on your mind is gifting someone’s favorite colored pendant breaking the cliche whites? Either way, we have the answer to your thoughts. The Emerald pendant will work just fine. So go ahead and choose from this eclectic collection of emerald pendant designs to offer a hint of freshness to your collection? Discover the trendiest designs in this array of green and dreamy shimmers and get your favorite emerald pendant!

    Versatile emerald pendant designs for you

    If you prefer extremely heavy or minimalist patterns, we have got everything covered for you on both these fronts with our striking collection of emerald pendants! Our display has everything you have been waiting for, from simple to heavily studded pendants with emeralds and cubic zircons. These feature several emerald gemstones that are finely cut and surrounded by a halo of sparkling zircons. It doesn’t matter what the design is, the soothing color speaks volumes about the elegance and subtle sheen of this gemstone. Its radiance is sufficient to turn heads wherever you go, be it a cocktail party or a casual dinner. Having said that, you can keep your makeup tones very basic giving them shades of beige or nude. If you think you need to amp up your appearance then get all bold with the smoky look. The idea is to complement the gorgeous emerald necklace around your neck. What is really astonishing is that we have men’s emerald pendants, emerald pendant gold, and emerald cross pendants At Shop LC, you can choose from an exciting range of impeccable patterns made with high-quality emeralds. Along with this comes the convenience of trying and ordering them from the comfort of your home.

    Trendsetting emerald pendant necklaces

    There is something special about emeralds. It stands strong due to its blazing radiance. When emerald combines with diamonds, the beauty of the jewelry piece is through the roof. The polished radiance of emerald embraces the brilliantly-cut diamonds that are embedded in gorgeous ways. The emerald pendant necklaces symbolize grace and sophistication. Designed in over 100 styles, you can pick your kind of emerald pendant necklace which suits your personality. We have heavily studded diamonds in these pendant necklaces and single-chained pendant necklaces with strings of diamonds in a row.

    Before you leave, please don’t forget to explore our amazing collection of emerald jewelry such as emerald earrings, emerald pendants, emerald bracelets. You never know, you might end up with a complete fancy set of emerald jewelry!

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