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    Emeralds are one of the prettiest and dazzling in the window display of many stores and featuring on the first page of many virtual stores. These sparkling green beauties are the birthstones of those who are born in May. You blow the candle on, and you are bound to fall in love with these at first sight. This gemstone depicts hope and is believed to soothe a stressed mind. Irrespective of the reason you are keeping an eye on the precious stone, you are sure to find beautiful emerald ring designs at Shop LC. Our collection of emerald rings includes emerald rings for women, antique emerald rings, and emerald rings for men too!

    Floral designer emerald rings

    Flower power is one superpower that rises above everything else. The best combinations are of flowers and gemstones formed into beautiful emerald rings. These gorgeous emerald rings are thoughtfully designed to impress each and every one. Deeply hued gemstones are embedded on precious high-end metals such as gold, silver, platinum. When we speak of floral designs, minimal leaf designs would never take a backseat either. Especially those intertwined in beautiful, mystic patterns to create stunning emerald rings that are ever-green, quite literally!

    Emerald rings for love

    Emerald rings are very chic and beautiful. How about you choose them as a token of love? Eternalize your most romantic moment by going on your knees to propose to your lady and making her yours forever. Let these emerald rings redefine the world of romance for you and your lady love. Stroll through our collection of emerald engagement rings, emerald wedding rings, and emerald wedding bands. The designs are unique and fashionable. And these emerald rings reflect love and commitment. Embrace your love for rose gold and diamonds in one single accessory. These charming emerald rings are always going to be in vogue.

    Go green with emerald rings!

    A special cocktail night, engagement party, or social gathering is not the same if the tints and shades of deep greens are missing. This regal green shade matches and complements most dressy outfits and is a great contrasting option for these outfits as well. Whether you like to play mix-match or color-code, the mighty green stone is here to stay. Green is the color of envy when your emerald ring makes heads turn at a party. There is not a chance that you would want to miss out on this exquisite collection of rings from our extensive range.

    Get your hands on these emerald rings

    There are certain brilliant combinations in the world of fashion jewelry. Cubic zircons along with gemstones are one such combination. Shimmery white zircons and green emeralds contrast the best compilation of all trending times. Apart from the striking colors and their complementary nature, their shimmer and cut is also sheer perfection. These designs go beyond the regular emerald rings and add dramatic color to the finger ring, thereby making it more suitable for multiple outfits as well as occasions. These are just some patterns out of the larger lot. Take a look at all of them and opt for your favorite emerald ring that suits your style and personality!

    Before you leave, please don’t forget to explore our amazing collection of emerald jewelry such as emerald earrings, emerald necklaces, emerald pendants, emerald bracelets. You never know, you might end up with a complete fancy set of emerald jewelry! Happy Shopping!

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