Why buy accessories sets?

    Have you ever had situations where you just need the exact blue scarf to go with your blue clutch and just can’t seem to find it? Accessory sets keep you away from such hassles. With Shop LC you can quickly build a collection to keep you ready for any social gathering in a jiffy.

    Buying a handbag or cosmetic set also makes you a smart shopper! These sets are priced lower than buying the components individually.

    An accessory set makes for an excellent gift option for your friends, family or colleagues.

    • For moms: A scarf set includes a trendy scarf and a matching clutch to go with it. Shop LC also offers a comfort set that includes anti-fatigue copper socks and elbow sleeves.

    • For the friend who just started her new job: A wallet set includes essentials like a chic wallet, pen, keychain, bag hook, and business card case. All the things she’ll need!

    • For daughters and granddaughters: Pamper them with trendy hair clips sets and stretch headbands set.

    • For the trendsetter in you: A handbag set comes with two or more varieties of matching bags. This serves as a lovely gift for women who want to look stylish while juggling work and a social life.

    So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite set of fashion accessories and delight yourself and your loved ones. For even more savings you can even more with our online auctions that start at just $1!

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