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    Pendants have been a very popular type of jewelry for women ranging from all age groups and with different preferences of styles. What has made these pendants so much in demand is the diverse range of designs and trends. When it comes to adorning charms, they hold the power of making your 12-year-old little princess smile ear to ear! You can also think of these pendants as excellent presents for birthdays, anniversaries and so many other occasions. In order to add a touch of emotions to your gesture, explore our section of personalized jewelry to make those moments memorable. While exploring Shop LC, you will find a wide variety of fashion jewelry that you can smartly pair and style to create elegant appearances!

    Designer glass pendants

    Our range of glass jewelry is a perfect blend of dazzling shine and colors. Several colorful glass beads are beaded by our designers at Shop LC into strings to form a charming mélange of colorful glass beads. Besides glass pendants, Shop LC offers gorgeous glass earrings, glass bracelets, glass rings, and glass necklaces. So we have jewelry pieces that are here to complement different dresses for every occasion. Glass pendants are widely demanded for their trendy and enchanting designs. Glass has been put to use for over several centuries to craft high fashion jewelry pieces. These glass pendants are thoughtfully designed from different kinds of crystalline transparent or colorful glass. There is no doubt that each one of you will love this fancy collection making it a favorite with every younger or older woman.

    All about the glass pendants & others

    Every glass pendant is finely crafted to create an impression of a perfect fusion of light and color. Each piece of the glass pendant is handcrafted by using several varieties of methods and the glass is fused via advanced techniques by our very own skilled craftsmen who are professionally sound in glass kilns. And because these glass pendants are so carefully crafted, each piece is unique in itself. Be it its design or style.

    We at Shop LC offer a wide variety of pieces of glass jewelry which includes gorgeous glass earrings, glass bracelets, glass rings, and others

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