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Est. Ret. Val:$129.99| Est. Savings:85%

 Increase the age of your love by gifting this amethyst bead stretch bracelet to the love of your life. Let him/her remember you for 24X7. Let them carry your love every time on their hands. Such a gift can be token of love and create another memory between your relation.

·   Interwoven with circular beads of amethyst

·   Circular bead symbolizes eternity and this eternal love

·   Green is color of life and hope

·   Purple is mixture of fierce of red and calmness of blue

·   Early Christians viewed amethyst through the lens of Jesus Christ

·   Garnet effectively treats anxiety

·   Available in amethyst and green garnet

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Total Stone Weight (Carat)
Gemstone 1
Green Garnet Round 9-11 mm Beads
Gemstone Weight 1
Primary Stone
Green Garnet