Heart Earrings

Make a beautiful fashion statement with heart earrings from Shop LC. Our collection of stylish heart earrings includes fancy designs to elegant patterns for special occasions as well as everyday wear. From dazzling diamonds to classic sapphire, we’ve everything that you can relate to. Browse and discover your favorite pair of heart earrings and flaunt the element of life with style.


    Enchanting Heart Earring by Shop LC

    The heart is the universal symbol of love. The versatile heart shape makes nearly everyone fall in love. That’s why Shop LC brings an extensive selection of heart jewelry just for you. Delicate and small, big and bold, avant-garde and abstract, heart earrings are perfect for every occasion. Browse and discover our beautiful collection of heart shaped earrings to know what brilliance truly means.

    Beautiful Heart Earrings for Every Occasion

    Are you looking for a pair of heart earrings that you can wear to the office, to a dinner party, or simply on the weekends? At Shop LC, we’ve some beautiful jewelry with new designs and styles to uplift your appearance. Our brilliant heart earrings with gemstones radiate eye-arresting sparkles to win away hearts in just a glance. Set in illustrious and premium quality metals like yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, 950 platinum, and 925 sterling silver, these beauties will collect all the compliments, envious glances, and appreciative gasps for you.

    No matter if you like heart earrings with a contemporary look or prefer to make a style statement with a traditional pair, Shop LC understands that every woman loves to adorn the earlobes with sparkling and alluring earrings. That’s why we offer a variety of designer heart earrings to match your requirements, such as:

    Dangle Heart Earrings: Earrings with big or small heart motif or heart shaped gemstones slightly below the earlobes are referred to as dangle heart earrings. Short and stout offer simple patterns, while longer ones come with fancy designs.

    Stud Heart Earrings: For those who love elegance and minimalist look, stud earrings with heart motifs are an ideal choice. A pair of heart stud earrings encrusted with gemstones offer both color and style to the appearance.

    Metal Heart Earrings: This variety of heart earrings feature metal heart motifs. Astonishing and alluring, these are easy to wear every day as well as on special occasions.

    Diamond Heart Earrings: Heart earrings with diamonds are a symbol of infinite love. Easy to match with any outfit, this variety of earrings feature round of heart shaped diamonds, beautifully encrusted to capture the attention.

    Stunning Heart Earrings, Stunning You

    At Shop LC, you’ll find a wide range of options to match your style and budget. If you’re inclined towards a sophisticated look, a beautiful pair of heart earrings with pearls is an ideal choice. Do you think pearls are too formal? Show your exquisite fashion taste wearing heart earrings with colorful gemstones like ruby or turquoise.

    From basic everyday wear to vibrant and charming heart shaped earrings, we’ve got something to pair with casual ensembles as well as an elegant cocktail dress. If you are looking for more, browse and find an extensive collection of earrings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces to match with your beautiful heart earrings and fit impeccably with your style.

    Whatever you decide on, discover something unique and special with Shop LC!

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