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    Jade is considered to be a semi-precious stone that is found in different colors, namely green, yellow, blue, red, and white. Jade has a translucent and waxy texture, which offers a softening effect to this gemstone. It is not only beautiful but also versatile and durable. It is found that jade can be fashioned in multiple ways. There are intricate carving, jade earrings, bangles, to name a few. Jade can also be coupled with other luxurious gemstones like rubies or designed with precious metals. Jade has been regarded as an imperial gemstone since ancient times.

    Explore these fierce Jade dragon pendants

    The jade bracelets at Shop LC come in bold artistic style. Our collection of jade dragon pendants consists of leading design when it comes to jade pendants. These dragon pendants are symbolic of purity and wellness. They are linked with the heart chakra, which is found to increase love and compassion and also harness that energy. This makes jade nurturing and protective in nature. This powerful cleansing gemstone helps keep away physical ailments and detoxed the human body to a great level. It is also called a restorative stone, which provides relief from pain and craps. This pain-diminishing quality helps make this gemstone suitable for restoring bodily health. It is also called a dream stone because it helps purge mental health and offers peace of mind. If you are struggling with irritability and dullness, then this gemstone is sure to calm your mind. It attracts deep, insightful dreams that can help vent out emotions and thoughts to ease your mindset.

    Nurture your loved ones with these jade Buddha pendants

    One of the most spiritual forms of jade pendants is the Buddha pendants that are symbolic of good fortune, tranquility, longevity, and harmony in your life. A well-picked jade Buddha pendant is known to be a prosperous amulet. These jade pendants are made of precious metal or ceramic elements. In contemporary style, these jade Buddha pendants can be linked to gold or chains for its optimal value. These pendants are embedded in sterling silver or gold-tone metals to offer a chic appeal to your outfit. Due to its versatile forms and appearances, jade occurs in different patterns; therefore, it suits every occasion.

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