Celebrate June birthdays with the gift of June birthstone jewelry. June has three birthstones to choose from: pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite!

    The primary birthstone for June, pearl, can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. Choose from the affordable and classic Freshwater, the timeless Akoya, the dark and mysterious Tahitian, or bold and lavish South Sea cultured pearls.

    Moonstone is known for its unique milky glow, commonly referred to as schiller or adularescence. Moonstones have increased in popularity, making them a stylish birthstone ring to wear year-round.

    Alexandrite is a color-changing stone, ranging from greenish-blue hues in daylight to red and purples in incandescent light. Alexandrite is a perfect alternative for those with June birthdays craving a pop of color from their unique birthstone ring.

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