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Make a fashion statement that is bound to last with this lapis lazuli pendant with a 20-inch matinee stainless steel chain from the KARIS Collection. Lapis lazuli derives its name from two sources. Lapis is the Latin word for stone. Lazuli stems from the Persian word 'lazhward,' which means blue. The blue of lapis lazuli from Afghanistan is so revered and well known that its called Afghan in the gem trade. Color displays an intense dark sapphire blue, lightly dusted with flecks of golden pyrite. A versatile accessory for daytime or evening and a great addition to your bauble box, this enchanting beauty is furnished in 18K yellow gold ion plated platinum bond brass. Natural properties of mined gemstones offer a slight difference in color saturation, hue, and tone. Gemstone images may not always capture these slight differences.

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Mix Metal
Product Weight (grams)
Gemstone Count
Total Stone Weight (Carat)
Gemstone 1
Lapis Lazuli Pear 14x10 mm Cabochon
Gemstone Count 1
Gemstone Weight 1
Primary Stone
Lapis Lazuli