Alexandrite Jewelry Collection at Shop LC

    ”Gem of the tsars,” alexandrite is the epitome of elegance and glamor.

    Shop LC offers an exclusive selection of alexandrite jewelry, popular for the dramatic change of colors under different light. Our classy designs and contemporary styles of rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants further add to the beauty of this gem. Discover your favorite jewelry piece to match your style and persona, as we have something for everyone with the Lowest price guarantee.

    Alexandrite Rings
    For any outfit, a piece of alexandrite is perfect. This colorful gem looks splendid against precious gold or nickel-free sterling silver, and the sparkling beauty is complemented by other gemstones. From a stunning solitaire or fascinating cluster, to stupendous cocktail rings, this beautiful stone is perfect for anytime wear.

    Alexandrite Earrings
    Capture the sparkling appeal of alexandrite with stylish and elegant earrings. Embellish your ensemble with the absorbing hue of this classy gem. Available in a variety of styles and designs to match every fashion taste, Shop LC’s collection of stunning alexandrite earrings is a must-have.

    Alexandrite Necklaces and Pendants
    Browse and discover a variety of designer neckwear pieces to add extra sparkle to your outfit. The color-changing hues of this stone are perfect for matching any dress in your wardrobe. Our variety of pendants and necklace styles offers you a comprehensive platform to find your perfect piece to match your persona.

    Alexandrite Bracelet
    The color-changing attribute of this gemstone makes it an ideal choice for jewelry. Whether you wear it during the day or at night, it will add a touch of glamor to your personality. Slide on an enchanting bracelet or go with your signature jewelry piece, and you’re bound to get attention anytime it’s worn.

    Shop LC believes in Delivering joy, so start perusing our vast collection of alexandrite jewelry with the Lowest price guarantee.