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Light up your look with these timeless pieces decked with Norwegian thulite. It is a variety of the gemstone zoisite. Due to the presence of manganese, Norwegian thulite possesses an intense pink to red color. The presence of white calcite leads to its frequently seen mottled appearance, resulting in the display of pink, white and red tones throughout specimens of this gemstone. Crafted with sheer perfection, the ring and earrings are designed on the theme of floral frescoes on ancient Indian palaces. Intricately fashioned in stainless steel, the jewels fit with any formal or casual ensemble. Natural properties of mined gemstones offer a slight difference in color saturation, hue, and tone. Gemstone images may not always capture these slight differences.

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Steel White Stainless Steel
Product Weight (grams)
Gemstone Count
Total Stone Weight (Carat)
Gemstone 1
Thulite Oval 16x12 mm Cabochon
Gemstone Count 1
Gemstone Weight 1
Gemstone 2
Thulite Oval 8x6 mm Cabochon
Gemstone Count 2
Gemstone Weight 2
Primary Stone