November Birthstone Rings


    Celebrate your November birthday with a citrine ring! Citrine is a vibrant yellow-orange form of quartz, named after the French “citron,” meaning lemon. Its color ranges from a dark amber color, to a bright orange or golden yellow. This bright and sunny stone is said to have a warm, calming effect on its owner, promoting good fortune and health to those who wear it. Citrine jewelry is especially eye-catching when paired with gold settings and contrasting stones. Wear a lighter colored citrine set in silver with earthy hues to bring out its warm undertones. Citrine is sought-after for its affordability and durability; its bright coloring makes it an attractive alternative for pricier stones such as topaz and yellow sapphire. Citrine crystals are found in several sizes, making it easy to find the perfect stone size for your citrine birthstone ring.