October Birthstone Rings


    The traditional birthstone for October is opal. This enchanting stone features an iridescent play-of-color, displaying a dazzling rainbow of colors. The color comes from the diffraction of light passing through tightly packed silica spheres. The size and concentration of the silica determine the quality of the opal; larger silica spheres produce a unique red coloring, and more common smaller spheres provide a blue coloring. The opal is rich in history: Ancient Romans believed the gem fostered love and hope, while Ancient Greeks claimed the stone bestowed the power of prophecy to the owner. Opals come in a variety of background colors and may be translucent, transparent, or opaque. Choose from a soothing pink opal, a mesmerizing blue opal, or a glowing fire opal for opal jewelry; with so many opal varieties available you’re bound to find the perfect one for your birthstone ring!