One for One

Every item purchased means a meal for a hungry child

For every single item ordered by you, we donate a meal to a hungry child in India. One of Shop LC's founding principles is to do the right thing, and our Shop LC One for One charity ensures we do just that.

one-purchase-one-meal-for-hungry-child-ShopLC one-purchase-one-meal-for-hungry-child-ShopLC

Why are you doing this?

We’re passionate about bringing our customers fantastic collections to buy, and we also genuinely enjoy spending time with the people that we work with. We’re a community, like a family, and we care about the communities in which we operate. We want to invest in the future of these communities.

How does Shop LC pay for this?

We make less profit – our Shop LC One for One charitable approach is a long-term commitment that we have built into our business plans.

Where are you delivering the meals to ?

We are delivering meals to children across India.

Do you deliver them yourselves?

We work with locally based registered charity experts in order to deliver nutritionally balanced fresh meals.

Why India?

India is where our business was founded – our parent company, VGL, has been in gemstone sourcing and cutting for 35 years, so it makes sense for us to start in our founding community. Other communities will follow across the world in which we operate.

Why schoolchildren?

Often the meals that we are providing are the only nutritionally balanced healthy meal these children will eat all day. The provision of a meal is an incentive for parents to send their children to school - and in particular in India for children to attend school rather than go out to work, eventually improving children's long-term health and work prospects. The strong link between children’s learning, productivity and nutrition means we are truly able to influence the future potential of these children and the communities in which they live.

Are these just packet/ready meals?

We’re working with partners to provide nutritionally balanced fresh meals delivered direct to the school’s door – so no teachers or children will sacrifice learning time to prepare food.

Can I donate directly?

You don’t need to donate, for every single item that you purchase, Shop LC will donate a meal on your behalf. This is the way we’ve set up the business model - one meal donated for one item bought.