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    Exceptionally stylish fashion dresses

    Each one of us has a unique taste when it comes to clothing. But there is one type of attire that's a favorite for everyone and is an all-time fashion essential - the dress. Every women's closet is filled with these gorgeous pieces of clothing. Be it a beach outing, work meeting, a romantic date, or a high-end party, fashion dresses are impeccable choices for transforming your look for every occasion. It's time to set your eyes on the wide range of beautiful and fashionable dresses online at Shop LC, and make them your own.

    Finding the perfect style

    Choosing the perfect kind of dress that complements your body and personality is not an easy task. Following two simple steps can help you discover your perfect piece of clothing.

    Understand your body type: The first step of determining your size is to know your body type. While figuring out your ideal size, you should look for the build of your upper body, shoulders, hips, waist and legs. It will help you in picking the perfect piece.

    Checkout the styles and cuts: As you have determined your body type, checkout the different styles and cuts available. Different styles flatter different body types, but you should always choose what makes you feel confident.

    Sundress: A-line sundress is a type which is more fitted and slim at the top. The style keeps spreading in a straight line to the edge, going from chest or waist. If your body fits in an upturned triangle variety, with broad shoulders, A-line sundress is an excellent wear for you. Additionally, a strapless or sleeveless dress will add volume to your lower figure.

    Bohemian Dress: This dress style is an ideal choice if you have a pear shaped body type. Featuring an adjustable waistband and flaring skirt, the pattern makes it a perfect fit. With this style it is easy to accentuate the upper half of your body.

    Kaftan: Kaftan is an ideal style for an apple body figure. The free style makes this dress an ideal wear to present your personality in a structured flair.

    Poncho or Cape: For a straighter body, a poncho or a cape will work great. The pretty pieces adds a gracious touch to your look.

    Pareo: For highlighting your curves, a pareo dress style is a best way to flaunt your glamorous side.

    Where to buy women's dresses?

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