Gorgeous Blue Jewelry Collection at Shop LC

    Why do we love blue jewelry?

    One of the most versatile and lasting colors, blue is a color to wear with confidence. The serene and calming aura of this hue represents intelligence and creativity. Blue gemstones offer the liveliness of sky and shyness of ocean making it a perfect piece to express your style and personality. Everyone loves blue gemstone jewelry for its sincere, reserved, quiet yet glamorous mood.

    What are the blue gemstones?

    When you are stuck in a difficult situation, blue gemstones are the one to trust. Perfect to complement the winter blues, the cool sparkles of blue gemstones makes the perfect companion in every season. There are a variety of blue gems used to decorate jewelry and Shop LC has a broad assortment of those gorgeous jewels to match your unique personality. Our attractive range of blue jewelry embraces favorites like:

    Kanchanaburi Blue Sapphire: Considered one of the hardest minerals on earth, this royal gem is considered to extend mental focus and knowledge.

    Cambodian Blue Zircon: Undoubtedly the most brilliant blue gemstone, this cool gem has a higher refractive index.

    Himalayan Kyanite: Owning a remarkable radiance and intensity, the deep blue color of this fascinating gem flatters all skin types.

    Larimar: Also called the “Atlantis stone,” this rare light to a sky-blue variety of pectolite, this gem captures the beauty of Caribbean Sea.

    Malgache Neon Apatite: Known for its high resemblance to Paraiba tourmaline, this stone features a very intense hue of neon color.

    Arizona Sleeping Beauty Turquoise: The bright, cheerful robin’s egg blue color assures this gems position at the forefront of fashion.

    Lapis Lazuli: Loved for its great medium to dark blue color, this stone is decorated with the enchanting gold flecks and white webbing creating a perfect star-filled the night sky.

    Tanzanite: Famous for its multidimensional color and exceptional brilliance, this gemstone exhibits strong pleochroism.

    Mojave Blue Turquoise: Called as a “gemstone of the people,” this gem is thought to bring good fortune and peace of mind.

    Espirito Santo Aquamarine: One of the most admired gemstones, it shimmers in oceanic blue and greens. It’s also the birthstone for those born in March.

    London Blue Topaz: This denim-toned topaz continually dazzles vivid colors of intense dusty blue with inky undercurrents.

    Thai Blue Star Sapphire: A variety of sapphire, this gem displays a six-pointed star pattern radiating from the inky depths of stone.

    Masoala Sapphire: Hypnotizing with its heavenly blue tones, this gem covets the legendary Ceylon sapphires of Sri Lanka.

    Seasons to wear blue jewelry

    Blue is forever! It’s the perfect all-around color to accompany you in every season. The fresh blue hue looks fabulous in summers, brings freshness in spring, provide grace in autumn and offers cheerful vibe while you are going through winter blues.

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