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    What is a halo ring?

    The halo ring is a setting where the center stone is surrounded by smaller stones that make the center stone appear bigger and bolder. Moreover, these stones flash whenever light fall on them which draws people’s attention towards the center stone and brings the ring to the forefront. Halo setting was a popular trend in the Art Deco period and has shown a great resurgence in recent times.

    Why should you choose halo ring?

    Are you drawn to the halo rings that celebrities sport? Do you want to show it big with the minimal budget? Well, whether you are shopping to find rings for everyday wear or for flaunting on special occasions, our extensive collection offers you a perfect opportunity to show off your style no matter what the occasion.

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    A bigger center stone looks huge in a halo setting while the smaller ones also create the illusion of half a karat larger. So, it does not matter how much you spend for your halo ring, the return on investment will always be more, and you will end up getting a bigger bang for your buck.

    Metal that goes well with halo rings

    Well, the classic metal for the halo ring has to be white gold or platinum. All white creates a spectacular lure. Such a look can be a classic option when paired with cushion- or princess-cut center diamond.

    However, as you explore our halo options, you might feel that yellow gold is the perfect complement. Yellow gold can be a great choice for center stones with some yellow in them as it downplays the tint.

    Rose gold, on the other hand, is a popular choice for all those who prefer to give a vintage touch to their ring. Its soft, pinkish color effortlessly enhances assorted color gemstones like green peridot.

    Sterling silver, as well as stainless steel, is also a popular metal choice for halo rings. However, it is gold that bypasses all other options and continues to be the most popular choice for halo rings.

    Branded halo rings for the elite

    If you are someone who is brand conscious and love to sport an exclusive and elite look than an extraordinary piece from the KARIS Collection will suit you just fine. An offering from the renowned brand will add fashion and flair to your personality that will be difficult to miss.

    Shop LC offers amazing variety

    An amazing variety of halo rings in amethyst, ruby, sapphire and more awaits you at Shop LC. Whether you are on the lookout for rings for yourself or for someone special, at Shop LC you stand a wonderful opportunity to buy halo rings that will win you instant attention on all occasions.

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    Shop LC’s halo rings allow you a wonderful opportunity to flaunt your best and exude style and grace with every step you take.