What are Solitaire Rings?

    A solitaire ring simply refers to any ring with a single stone. Since ancient times, classic solitaire-style engagement rings have been a symbol of commitment. Previously, these rings were associated only with diamond settings. In modern times, precious and semi-precious gemstones including sapphire, emeralds and more, have also made their presence known in the realm of solitaire rings. With a single stone to make an impression, a solitaire ring is ideal for people who treasure subtle elegance but believe in making a bold statement.

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    Our collection includes exquisite tanzanite, topaz, quartz, and more, framed in ring settings like prong and bezel. For those looking for something truly special, we have a vast assortment of extraordinary pieces with exquisite designs that exemplify exceptional quality for a low cost. If you are searching for something distinctive for a particular occasion, we also have a stunning selection of solitaire diamond rings with brilliant band options ranging from sterling silver to traditional yellow gold.

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