What is the birthstone color for June? What is its meaning?

    What’s a better way to celebrate a birthday than with a birthstone? If your sweetheart’s birthday falls in June, then don’t think twice! Celebrate her birthday in style by showering her with incredible June birthstone jewelry from Shop LC. June is one of two months, that has got three modern birthstones, giving those lucky to be born in this month an excellent choice of birthstones - Alexandrite, Pearl, or Moonstone.

    Pearl Birthstone Jewelry

    Pearls are being cherished for their incredibly exotic colors and mirror-like lustre. They are delicate organic gemstones that symbolize success, happiness, and love. Pearls bring with it the calmness and beauty of the ocean. The pure beauty and positive attributes of a pearl make it a valuable gemstone. This modern birthstone is worn for all occasions and still highly sought after to this day! In traditional luminous white or contemporary glistening colors, this quintessential gem is a symbol of purity and innocence.

    Moonstone Birthstone Jewelry

    Many people associate moonstone with lunar mystery and magic. Believers insist this modern birthstone brings good fortune to the wearer. Moonstone is said to be calming, and some believe it contains balancing energies that can treat insomnia and sleepwalking, relieve anxiety, ward off nightmares, encourage sound sleep, and create beneficial dreams. Moonstone makes a perfect June birthstone jewelry gift for anyone who strongly associates with nature and loves wearing jewelry with a purpose.

    Alexandrite Birthstone Jewelry

    This modern birthstone is often described as an “emerald by day” and “ruby by night” due to its color-changing hue. Many believe it strengthens intuition, aids creativity, inspires imagination, and brings good omen to the wearer. Alexandrite is also said to be a stone of prosperity and longevity. It balances mind and emotions, pacifies the soul, and promotes spiritual growth.

    Exclusive Collection of June Birthstone Jewelry from Shop LC

    Shop LC offers a wide assortment of June birthstone jewelry. It includes rings, earrings, necklaces bracelets, and more embellished with pearl, moonstone, and alexandrite gemstones. So, why wait? From brilliant gold to precious sterling silver to durable stainless steel, pick modern and classic birthstone jewelry for yourself or someone special to make their day truly memorable.

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