Make Everyone Go Green with Envy with May Birthstone

    Birthday is the best time to express your love by showering your loved ones with gifts that are sure to make their day even more special. And what better way to celebrate a birthday than with a birthstone? If your beloved’s birthday falls in May, don’t think twice! May babies are fortunate because their birthstone is one of the most valuable and beautiful colored green gemstone emerald.

    As a prized and precious stone, emerald’s popularity has transcended the test of time. Cleopatra, Egypt’s most famous female monarch, was an avid emerald fan and was renowned for wearing emerald jewelry. Emerald has also been found in the ancient Egyptian mummies, proving that the craze for this colorful gemstone is an age-old phenomenon.

    Emerald is a precious stone of the beryl family that has become highly popular in modern fashion due to its hardness, easy-to-craft qualities, and vibrant, lush hues. It gives an evergreen feel, a sense of youthfulness, vigor, and optimism to the wearer. Due to these excellent qualities, this gem has been chosen as the May birthstone and a traditional wedding gift for the twentieth and thirty-fifth anniversary.

    Emerald’s color signifies ‘royalty,’ and perhaps, that’s the reason why it has always been popular among women of all ages. As it is quite versatile and looks incredible with any color outfit, women proudly place this beautiful gem in their jewelry collection, making everyone ‘go green’ with envy. Due to its high demand worldwide, this gem has become a preferred choice for jewelry and is treasured by every generation as a precious asset.

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