Rough Cut Gemstone Jewelry Collection at Shop LC

    Nothing can complete your wardrobe like the twinkling charm of gemstones. From rough cut diamonds and tanzanite to emeralds and crystals, you’re sure to discover rare stones that complement your style. Whether you love rings, necklaces, earrings, bangle or bracelets, a breath-taking gem makes any piece of jewelry sparkle!

    Want a bracelet that’s perfect for the office? A multi-color bracelet in sterling silver can infuse new life into your closet of workweek attire. Emphasized bangle bracelets with gemstones such as turquoise, tanzanite or larimar also decorate your wrist with extra flair, while cuff bracelets make a sophisticated yet robust style statement.

    Earrings featuring the natural stones let you communicate your style effortlessly. From classic studs and fashion drops to contemporary hoop and chic teardrop earrings, you’ll find a variety of expressions to match both casual and formal outfits. A 14K yellow gold or sterling silver setting brings out the magic of your earrings, especially with white topaz and diamond accents.

    A necklace is a perfect accessory to complete any outfit. Regardless of the occasion, an elegant pendant necklace or multi-strand necklace can augment the charm of your appearance with ease. A sophisticated gem radiating colors in its unusual cut is an excellent way to showcase your hip side.

    Give your ensemble a subtle makeover with an out-of-the-box ring. From simple designs to beautifully wrought jewelry, the beauty of the gemstone can lend you the desired attention in any event.

    When you need an incredible selection of rough cut gemstone jewelry, shop today!