SHOP LC Bed and Bath Collection

For a home, it’s important to have a comfortable environment, and it starts in the bedroom. Luckily, we’ve got a wide assortment of beautiful basics and fun accessories to help build your perfect setup.

Comforters contribute a significant function. They keep you warm on those chilly nights while adding a classy splash of color and pattern to your favorite sleeping spot. Make a wise choice when selecting bed sheets. They’ll be where you rest, so it’s important to look for a set that is comfortable, soft and of good quality. And remember to select a pair of pillows for ultimate comfort. You can pick per your preferences and sleep style.

Move your focus towards luxury bedding and bath items that add style to your bedroom interior. A lovely throw can bring a perfect layering to your bed linen. These little add-ons help accentuate the decor and give the entire space a complete makeover.

There’s one part of your home that’s hard to ignore. When it comes to perfection, someone can quickly judge your personality by just having a glance at your bathroom. Transmute your bathroom into a perfect sanctuary for your morning routine with our online bed and bath store.

Introduce a dash of fun color and taste with a set of fluffy bath towels. Match them with your paint and decor theme with a corresponding set of hand towels and more! Cloister your delicate feet from the icy tile with a warm bathroom rug, and grab a matching robe while you’re at it!

Whatever your personal style, we’re certain to have a seamless array of bed and bath items for you at SHOP LC’s online store for bed and bath accessories.

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