Cocktail rings, for the stylish fashionista!

Shop LC offers large, dramatic and designer cocktail rings created in a signature style. You can dive through our catalog that provides a broad range, bound to suit any mood, not to mention friendly on the wallet.

This ring is a class apart and is one of the ideal examples of an elegant and sophisticated jewelry piece. The design is the most important factor in a cocktail ring. It is designed with keeping in mind the fact that whether it is worn alone or combined with other jewelry, it always creates a perfect fashion statement.

From ornate detailing that is adorned with diamonds to fine lines and figures, cocktail rings have them in spades. Be it emerald, ruby sapphire, or more, you can find every color under the sun settled in a frame of brilliant gold, precious nickel free sterling silver and durable stainless steel. With a cocktail ring, glamor never loses splendor.

Specially tailored for every occasion, such as an anniversary, engagement or evening out, this piece of jewelry is perfect for any mood. Explore your options with gemstone shape, setting and design, this trendy embellishment is a style enhancer.

Cocktail rings are the perfect accessory for any event, instantaneously radiating poise and style. Here at Shop LC, we have a vast assortment of fabulous rings that combine exceptional quality, exquisite design, and outstanding value.

Be imaginative, be definitive and be in love with your jewelry.