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Add bountiful glamour to your personality by accessorizing yourself with green amethyst jewelry. Famous for its beautiful pastel green color, green amethyst is an excellent and versatile gemstone that is immensely attractive. It dazzles in brilliant shades and exudes color, class, and beauty.

Usually found in a bright mint-green or subdued blue-green color, this beautiful sea foam quartz has a flattering hue that pairs well with just about anything in your wardrobe. The more vivid and bright the lovely green pastel shade, the more valuable is the green amethyst stone. Along with color, clarity also plays a significant role, since its light color makes inclusions more visible. The cut is even more important than clarity since a well-cut green amethyst stone will dance with light.

Shop LC offers an exclusive collection of green amethyst jewelry that epitomizes love, vivacity, passion, and allure. Whether as a gift for yourself or that someone special in your life, choose from a comprehensive range of green amethyst rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants in attractive designs, shapes, and settings. Amethyst is a birthstone of February and a traditional gift for a 6th and 33rd anniversary. All you need to do is to choose a piece that suits the occasion and complements the wearer, and you will gift them memories that will last forever.
Green amethyst is a durable gemstone and pairs nicely with metals such as sterling silver, white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum. Soothing and calming, green amethyst jewelry is sure to rejuvenate your look!

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Refreshing Green Jewelry by Shop LC

Why do we love green jewelry?

Green is the color of life, nature, and harmony. Rejuvenating green hues make any jewelry piece look splendid. Jewelry with green gemstones creates a delightful effect when paired with clothing in contrasting tones, like white, red, black, or brown. That's why nobody can resist the charm of green jewelry. We love these refreshing gemstones in jewelry, including rings, earrings, necklace, and bracelets.

What are the green gemstones?

Go green with envy! Love is evergreen! As the most common natural color, green is everywhere. The color stands for rebirth, spring, balance, and freshness. There is an extensive range of unique green stones used in jewelry, and Shop LC has a complete array of these beautiful gems to match your specific taste. Our exquisite range of green jewelry includes favorites like:

Kagem Zambian Emerald: This sparkling green gemstone is associated with Venus, the goddess of love. It symbolizes hope and eternal love.

Boyaca Columbian Emerald: Popular for displaying playful green color, this beautiful gemstone is believed to serve as a healer.

Ambanja Demantoid Garnet: Known to split the light and break it into a full spectrum of the rainbow, this stunning gemstone belongs to the garnet family.

Brazilian Mint Garnet: Recognized for its crisp and cool green tones, this exotic gemstone is rare.

Green Kyanite: Popular for luscious verdant hues, this glittering gemstone is ideal for balancing the heart chakra.

African Malachite: Displaying a distinct green hue, this fantastic gemstone is known for vivid green color and beautiful natural banded patterns.

Burmese Green Jade: Treasured since ancient times, this colorful gemstone was considered the "Stone of Heaven."

Russian Diopside: This enchanting gem is famous for its profound green sparkling brilliance. It is also believed to manifest one's desired goals.

What are the best colors to be paired with green?

Green goes well with almost every other color. Whether it's paired with red, blue, pink, violet, white, or orange, the green hues pop beautifully and spruce up your look. It's quite easy to decide how you would like to wear green jewelry, depending on your mood or the occasion.

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