Unmatched and stylish, amethyst jewelry is an epitome of elegance and glamor

Shop LC offers a wide assortment of jewelry decorated with the magical purple and green hues of amethyst. What makes amethyst crystal the beautiful colors you see today? Amethysts are a very special type of quartz, known best for its light pink or deep purple shade, a color that emerges during its formation process from impurities of iron or manganese compounds.

You’ll find many beautiful amethyst birthstone designs from our Bali Legacy Collection, Hidden Treasures Collection, KARIS Collection and more, paired with the exclusive designs of Giuseppe Perez, Lucy Quartermaine, and others. Browse through our amethyst store offerings to find the perfect amethyst gemstone jewelry piece for everyday wear, a special wedding celebration or a night out on the town.

Amethyst Rings
This purple ranging gem looks gorgeous against brilliant gold or precious nickel-free sterling silver, either worn alone or complemented by other gemstones. From solitaire to cluster to cocktail rings, this dazzling stone is flawless for anytime wear.

Amethyst Earrings
Bask in the glowing beauty of amethyst with unique and elegant earrings. Adorn your ears with the enticing hue of this classy gem in every style from drop to dangle earrings. Matching every fashion jewelry taste, this gem's versatility makes it a must-have in any wardrobe.

Amethyst Necklaces and Pendants
Whether you are shopping for a statement necklace for yourself or looking to give a stunning pendant as a gift, amethyst is a great choice. The bright hue of this stone is versatile and can match elegantly with that little black dress from your wardrobe or pair seamlessly with professional wear.

Amethyst Bracelet
The bright and vivid color of this gem makes a beautiful choice for arm jewelry. Wear it day or night -- it will add a touch of glamor to your ensemble! Stack fashion bracelets or go with a single signature jewelry piece that lends attention to this beautiful stone.

Feed your fashion sense with our selection of charming amethyst jewelry available at Shop LC, all at a great price!