For a bright splash of glamor, Citrine jewelry comes to the rescue

Add iridescent citrine jewelry to your treasure trove from the beautiful assortment by Shop LC. The dazzling glow of this gemstone puts an accent on nearly any ensemble or style. From neckwear and earrings to rings and bracelets, you’ll find a unique piece of your favorite fine jewelry.

Citrine Rings
Looking for a cocktail ring? Explore our selections from Giuseppe Perez Collection. Shining rings help you sparkle for any event!

Citrine Earrings
Complement a graceful outfit with glowing earrings. Studs or heart-drop styles look attractive with any piece of matching neckwear. Pick from brilliant yellow gold or precious nickel-free sterling silver settings to play up the gloss of these gemstones.

Citrine Necklaces and Pendant
Complete your workweek attires with bright neckwear. A pendant necklace sits well with skirt suits and sheath dresses. Graceful and subtle, Santa Ana Madeira Citrine is a great add-on to your accessories.

Citrine Bracelets
Are you in pursuit of a bracelet? Accessorize your wrist with this delightful stone that you can mix and match with other jewelry pieces. Wrap your wrist in a line of shimmering yellow gemstones with a unique bracelet and dazzle with a regal look.

Warm, sunny and cheerful, citrine is the birthstone for those born in November. Enjoy yourself with jewelry highlighting this yellow-gold stone, which is said to be heartening, stimulating and life-giving.

Set your fashion dial to "warm romance" or "bright sun" and choose some unusual citrine jewelry pieces today from Shop LC!