What is Heliodor?

    Like emerald, aquamarine and morganite, heliodor is a member of the beryl family. Trace amounts of iron within the crystal lattice create the unique and exciting golden tones of the gem. Explore further about this radiant gem’s properties and find out how it is mined with Shop LC’s Education Center.

    Meaning and Lore of Heliodor

    The artist, Lucan von Cranach, is first credited with bestowing the name heliodor upon golden beryl. The name translates from Greek as “gift from the sun.” The Greeks of old believed that this golden beryl encompasses the sun’s warmth and may aid in the transition between night and day.

    Ancient Romans maintained the belief that heliodor improves communication. It would help one be sincere in their personal dealings and generate sympathy.

    The gem is believed to carry within the power of the sun and help develop self-confidence, benevolence and power. Often called the sunshine stone, heliodor encourages a sense of hope. It is empowering and optimistic, helping to accomplish one's dreams and goals. A heliodor ring or pendant may prove to be a lovely gift for your friends and family.

    Why buy Heliodor?

    • Warm Color: Although unlike its siblings emerald and aquamarine, heliodor is not a birthstone, the gem makes for a great addition to jewelry connoisseurs of warm-hued gems like citrine, canary opal or yellow sapphire.

    • Uniqueness: Heliodor is a unique variety of beryl. The gem displays golden tone and other shades of yellow ranging from greenish yellow to lemon yellow.

    • Summer Style: This beryl member makes for the perfect gem as you transition from summer to fall, adding a delightful vibrance to your appearance. Let your wrist do the talking with a sparkling heliodor bracelet and a mustard silk scarf, pull attention with tantalizing heliodor earrings or make a statement with heliodor necklace.

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