Add a Spectrum of Color with Shop LC’s Rainbow Gemstone Jewelry

    It’s the interaction of light with certain inclusions or structural features that lead to the presence of multi-color ability in a gemstone. Its effect is visible in the orientation of pearls, fire agate, rainbow calcite, certain obsidians, iris agate and others. The phenomenon also leads to the creation of this rainbow effect in labradorite.

    Humans have tried to replicate this natural occurrence by applying thin layering of films of different kinds on the surface of gems. The results have lead to more options appearing on the market. Mystic topaz and titanium drusy are two examples that fall into this category.

    Whether natural or created, it’s the emission of multiple colors that makes these gemstones so attractive. Some favor their flashes of greens and blues while others fall for their bright reds and yellows. The kaleidoscopic feature of the jewelry accented by these gemstones gives them the colorful allure that makes them such a hot property. No wonder these gems have admirers all around the world.

    The popularity of these alluring gemstones resulted in them being included in our offerings. We have a wide assortment of rainbow gemstone jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, or bracelets in a wide variety of designs. Each type exhibits a beautiful spectrum of color ranging from deep blue to bright orange.

    Our jewelry pieces are accented with rainbow gems like Sri Lankan rainbow moonstone, rainbow genesis quartz, rainbow drusy quartz, and rainbow Paraiba quartz. They are available in a setting of yellow, rose gold and sterling silver, giving enthusiasts a plethora of options from which to choose.

    Donning a piece of jewelry is all about expressing yourself. Rainbow gemstone jewelry communicates a lot about your style and taste and is a perfect testimony to the fact that how unusual these gemstones can be. No matter how finicky or ambitious a rainbow gemstone jewelry enthusiast might be, they’ll never be disappointed while shopping at Shop LC.