SHOP LC Presents Tribal Collection of India Jewelry

    The history of Indian fashion and tribal jewelry dates back to over 5000 years ago. Being incredibly rich and authentic in nature, various tribes in India have held together their sense of style, revered gemstones, and designs, in making unique Indian ethnic jewelry. Discover pieces that portray uneven and asymmetrical shapes. They flow with grace, heritage, and excellence.

    SHOP LC presents a breath-taking assortment of Indian ethnic jewelry online. Made from local materials, the irregular shapes and sizes add, not only uniqueness but also rustic and earthy charm. From necklaces, bracelets, and rings, for men and women, discover unique jewelry that you’ll love. There are numerous Indian tribes, but we’ve carefully curated those whose style is most prized in modern times. Meet the tribes that we’re proud to introduce.

    The Rabari Tribe of Kutch (Gujarat) is known for its silver jewelry. Crafted from silver and brass, the jewelry style of this tribe is considered the most contemporary when compared to others. The jewelry is also appreciated for its granulation work, floral motifs, and filigree work.

    Northeastern tribes, presenting the tribal elegance of the Himalayas, wear jewelry crafted from gold, silver, coral, beads, turquoise, and Zee stone. Displaying rustic and earthy charm, the patterns shows flora and fauna of the region.

    The Dhokra tribe belongs to Orissa and West Bengal. Their jewelry is designed by a particular artisan group in silver, decorated with filigree work also known as Tarakashi work. To your surprise, they are still crafting jewelry with a traditional lost wax technique not seen elsewhere.

    Considering seven the lucky number, the Kunbis tribe of Goa brings the colors of the rainbow to their jewelry in the form of precious and semi-precious gemstone beads. Their jewelry is inspired by nature and is crafted in heavy silver.

    Coins are used in tribal jewelry since ancient times; they have always found a central place in this jewelry style. Coins are used in their original forms or are melted to incorporate in jewelry. Different tribes in India adorn coins in necklaces and waistbands.

    Browse the exclusive range for men and women of Tribal Collection of India at SHOP LC and bring the real essence of tribal jewelry to your wardrobe.