Shannon O’Brien has spent the entirety of her 20+ year career in sales, sales, and more sales!

In the early days, she obtained several licenses focused on insurance and financial planning products. From there, she got an exciting opportunity to jump into the world of radio with Clear Channel (now known as I Heart Radio,) writing and pitching radio commercial schedules to local businesses; and she even did regular voice work for commercials and station segues! While at Clear Channel, Shannon made a friend who left to be a host at Shop LC. Of course, this was intriguing, Shannon started tuning in to watch her friend. After a few months of watching (all the while growing her addiction to the online rising auctions,) she decided to reach out and see if she had what it takes. What do you know! Two weeks later, Shannon was offered a host position at Shop LC!

Shannon then left Shop LC in 2012 to pursue real estate, but she left a little piece of her passion behind; and while she enjoyed several years of a successful real estate career, she was finally drawn back to Shop LC in February 2019.

Shannon has an appreciation for far too many gemstones to mention here, but her general style is dainty, understated elegance. She enjoys sharing her passion with viewers and loves to have fun on the air too! Shenanigans and all things sparkly are what you can usually expect from Shannon O’Brien on Shop LC.