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    Everyone loves a statement ring. It’s a beautiful accessory that enhances any outfit for any occasion. What if that statement ring contained properties that benefited your body and overall well-being? Because when you adorn gemstone jewelry, they don’t just enhance your appearance, they benefit you in ways you can’t imagine. Check out our health and mind enriching collection of Shungite rings for both men and women. Yes, these designer rings promise to give you that trendy vibe too!

    Shungite Rings and Their Properties

    Shungite rings are popular pieces of Shungite jewelry that is considered to be one of the most powerful and protective accessories. Due to their location and placement on the body, Shungite rings stimulate a huge number of bioactive spots located in our hands and fingers that are strongly related to the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems. With such a high influence on these significant and sensitive areas, Shungite rings are a perfect contributor to our physical and emotional health. These trendy jewelry pieces provide a positive and powerful effect on the human psycho-emotional state and are capable of normalizing blood pressure, improving stress resistance as well as strengthening the physical and spiritual health and well-being. The protective properties of the Shungite stone make a Shungite ring the perfect tool of personal comprehensive protection against electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) radiation, relief of geopathic stress, and an instrument of reducing any harmful effects to which your body and soul are exposed on a daily basis.

    Shungite rings for him and her

    Shop LC wants not only our women to experience the extraordinary effects and benefits of Shungite, but our men as well. Men’s Shungite rings are for men who want to carry a positive aura in style. These rings are beautifully designed and are appealing in their looks. The shungite gemstone is set on the shungite ring with its bold appeal to make you look fashionable. The gemstone is cut in different shapes and designs on high-end precious metals such as platinum, gold, rose gold, silver, etc to give a radiant edge to these shungite rings.

    Our collection of shungite rings is not all about this gemstone! Our assortment of shungite consists of shungite necklaces, shungite earrings, shungite bracelets, and shungite pendants.

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