Why buy tanzanite pendant necklaces?

    A Striking Stoke of Nature

    Millions of years ago, intense heat and massive tectonic plate motion created Mount Kilimanjaro the home of tanzanite gemstone. The beautiful blue-violet crystal is formed with the mixture of same immense heat and pressure with an unusual chemical named as vanadium.

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    The unique circumstances that formed the tanzanite deposits are believed to be so incomprehensively unique that the odds of discovering tanzanite specimens anywhere else in the world are extremely low: one million to one, according to geologists!

    Pieces for every occasion

    Tanzanite's gorgeous color makes them an exciting pick for every occasion. A tanzanite flower pendant highlighted with the sparkles of white topaz is an excellent companion for your next meeting. Planning a lunch date with your BFF?, a lovely tanzanite pendant with a diamond halo will do the trick.

    A cluster drop pendant decorated with the blue brilliance of tanzanite and black spinel makes a standout addition with your favorite cocktail dress. For adding a fun vibe to your favorite pair of jeans and top, our green tanzanite circle pendant sprinkled with zircon is an ideal jewelry option.

    How much is tanzanite pendant necklace worth?

    Rarer than Diamond

    anzanite's limited supply and single source makes this gemstone's rarity one thousand times that of diamond. Merelani, Tanzania, East Africa is the only place in the world to offer this captivating stone. The complete mining area is limited to only few kilometers.

    One Generation Stone

    The rarity of tanzanite is increasing day by day, as the production from the mines is progressively decreasing. It's clear that the source is fading, and it's difficult to predict precisely how long it will last. In 2013, the largest tanzanite mine, “Tanzanite One,” was assessed by independent geologists to only having a supply of 30 years.

    It is believed that the supply of this stone is diminishing, making this stone a collectors specimen and a one generation stone.

    Tanzanite Varieties

    AAA Tanzanite- Less than one percent of mined tanzanite is AAA quality making them one of the best specimens.

    Bondi Blue Tanzanite - Named after the sea-blue color of the exotic Bondi Beach in Australia, this fabulous stone displays the celebrated deep blues of tanzanite touched with rich greens.

    Peacock Tanzanite- The stone uniquely features a captivating evolution between cheerful green and bright blue hues.

    Natural Green Tanzanite - With green base color, green tanzanite showcases red-violet and blue undertones.

    Where Can I buy tanzanite pendant necklaces online?

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