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A: No, only the name. We have a bigger story tell. One for One is only telling part of the story.

A: Our Shop LC One for One program began in 2017. Since then, we have seen its potential. We are providing more than just meals. We are seeing the lives of children changing. To expand our mission, our One for One program is now Your Purchase Feeds. We still provide a meal with every purchase but we want to recognize that our kids are seeing life changing results and more promising futures and Your Purchase Feeds allows us to tell more of their stories.

A: Shop LC does not deliver food. We rely on our partners to help us. We work with amazing non-profits around the world, such as Akshaya Pātra, No Kid Hungry and Backpack Friends to help get meals to school children in India and the United States.

A: We recognized we are doing a great job feeding children, but there was something missing. One for One is more than helping prevent hunger, but about creating the opportunity for big changes in children’s lives. As a result of our efforts and dedication, we noticed children changing. Every child prospering day-after-day with education free from hunger. With a much larger story to tell, we set off to create a message that encompassed our One for One program, but also paved way to tell the more personal stories and to really connect to the kids. Our mission is to not only provide a meal, but to help to build futures and change lives. Our new program needed to promote hope, dreams, an education and a means to an end of generational poverty. We realized that our One for One program was doing more than providing meals it is feeds the hearts, minds and futures of thousand of kids.

A: Your Purchased Feeds continues to provide a meal with every purchase. It also creates a path to recognize the kids we are helping see life changing results and more promising futures. Your Purchase Feeds… gives us the opportunity to recognize the success of these children, to share their stories, and create more engagement with our customers. Your Purchase Feeds… is more than a meal, it feeds the minds, hearts, and futures of children around the world. 

A: We currently have three partners.
Global Partner - Akshaya Pātra (means unlimited bowl)
United States - No Kid Hungry
Austin – Backpack Friends

A: We would not be able to provide millions of meals without our partners. We work with amazing non-profits around the world to help us get meals to school children in India and the United States.

A: Please go to our Website / Visit our Your Purchase Feeds Webpage http://www.shoplc.com/yourpurchasefeeds

A: We support many schools in India and in the United States. Globally (includes our TJC channel in the UK) are helping over 50,000 children and adding more kids every year. We ensure that these schools get what they need to help their student proper everyday.

A: Each partner has a slightly different model. In the US $1 can provides up to ten meals, in India $20 can feed a child for a year. Each partner also gets supplemental support from their governments and partners like Shop LC.

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