Why Buy Amethyst bracelets?

    Benefits of Wearing Amethyst:

    Amethyst is considered to be the birthstone for February. This coveted gem traditionally is said to keep you sober. Some also believe it helps in curing insomnia and nightmares, relieves pain and promotes health and positivity in general.

    Occasions for Amethyst bracelets:

    Amethyst is one of the few gemstones that lends beautifully to both day and evening social events. You can pair a simple, stretchable amethyst beads bracelets with your casuals while heading out to school or grocery shopping. Or pair your sundress with a dainty bolo bracelet as you join your friends for coffee and brunch.

    For more formal occasions, a sleek and elegant amethyst tennis bracelet paired with a matching earrings is a classic choice. However, if you are in the mood to make a statement, a bold amethyst cuff or bangle bracelet gives you a royal look.

    Varieties of Amethyst at Shop LC:

    • Lusaka: treasured for its well-concentrated purple and blue-violet hues with flickers of red and indigo. Sourced from Zambia, South Africa.
    • Bahia Amethyst: bestowed with the lighter tone of violet that displays a reddish and smoky appearance, making it very desirable. Sourced from Bahia, Brazil.
    • Rose De France: named so for its ever-so-delicate lavender and lilac hues. Sourced from Brazil.
    • Uruguayan Amethyst: one of the finest qualities of amethyst available. It flaunts mesmerizing depth of rich purple with hints of red and blue seen from certain angles. Sourced from Uruguay.

    White, yellow or Rose?

    Purple is a versatile hue that benefits from both warm and cool side of the color palette. Being the foremost choice in terms of purple gems, amethyst can easily spoil you for choice of metal.

    • Silver or White Gold Amethyst bracelets: The clean and sleek appeal of the metal lends all shades of amethyst a blissful and soothing allure.
    • Yellow Gold Amethyst Bracelets: Pairing yellow metal with amethyst lends your appearance a regal allure. The deep and rich purple hues of amethyst are often preferred with this metal.
    • Rose Gold Amethyst Bracelets: The metal casts a spell of romance that exquisitely compliments all hues of amethyst.

    Where to Buy Amethyst bracelets?

    Once you have decided on your favorite variety of amethyst and set your heart on the metal that best suits you, pick from the amazing collection at Shop LC. Backed by the Lowest Price Guarantee, you’ll always pay the lowest price while shopping from our online catalog. For even more savings, discover our online auctions that start $1. You can grab these breathtaking beauties at unbelievable prices!

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