Discover the Exclusive Garnet Jewelry Collection Now!

    If red is your desired color, then you will definitely loveto have some pieces of garnet jewelry.

    The unusual color of garnet ranges from a passionate dark red to an intense, bright red in a variation of styles. Add a drop of red warmness to your jewelry collection with rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and more from Shop LC.

    Garnet Rings

    Going to a formal event? Attain a refined statement look with a cocktail ring. The beauty of the red garnet gem will steal the show for you. Win admirers of your style with an exquisite selection of pieces from our designer collection.

    Garnet Earrings

    Get a classy look with a pair of earrings decorated with the eye-catching allure of this gem. From classic studs to more contemporary earrings, you will surely find something to match your taste and style. Transform an ordinary outfit into a trendy ensemble by adding a pair of hoops or teardrop earrings from our collection.

    Garnet Necklaces and Pendants

    The enticing charm of this stone makes it a perfect choice to fit in any style of jewelry. The rich hue of this gemstone embedded in neckwear will stand out from the crowd.

    Garnet Bracelets

    Our collection of beautiful bracelets offers you a charming accessory, subtle enough to wear all the time. From bangles to the cuff to bracelets, you are sure to discover a perfect piece for yourself.

    If you're searching for a set of garnet jewelry, don't forget to check out the exclusive collection available at Shop LC.

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