Steal the Spotlight with Santa Fe Style Jewelry from Shop LC!

    Shop LC’s Santa Fe Style jewelry is unique in the sense that it reflects the captivating landscape of the American Southwest. The region’s crystal clear purple and blue skies, golden hued sand, and spectacular red rock are well represented in the jewelry.

    The most striking thing about this jewelry range is the use of turquoise, which was a stone particularly coveted by natives as it was believed to attract noble spirits. Other materials that are frequently utilized in this type of jewelry are bones and shells, particularly the spiny oyster shell, which was used as a platform to hold various designs. Onyx, opal, and mother-of-pearl also feature in this jewelry style.

    One of the important aspects of Santa Fe Style jewelry is their proximity with animals. This stems from the belief that was held in many Southwestern tribes that the world was initially inhabited by humans, most of whom were subsequently transformed into animals. This explains the reason why much jewelry of this type is modeled upon animals.

    The traditional art form continues to be vibrant and strong and is recognized and appreciated globally. Santa Fe Style jewelry evokes the spirit of the American Southwest, though it is not produced in this region.

    Available in flavorful styles and lively colors, our jewelry collection will add a dose of energy when worn. From delightful earrings to pretty necklaces you can find them all in many exquisite designs. Santa Fe Style jewelry is crafted from nickel-free sterling silver.

    The jewelry from Santa Fe Style pairs perfectly with all outfits and other gemstones and gives the wearer the perfect option for everyday wear as well as for flaunting for those special occasions. Whatever the reason, you can bank on Santa Fe Style beauties to elevate you to the limelight, and give you an edge over others.

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