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Did you know that each month of the year has a corresponding gemstone called a birthstone? You can celebrate your own birthday or birthdays of your loved ones by finding jewelry with appropriate birthstones, with many having several palette color options. Gemstones and metals are also used to represent anniversaries, with each year having a special stone associated with it, most notably silver for the 25th and gold for the 50th.


Birthstones by Month


Our birthstone chart below shows each month’s stone. You can shop our birthstone jewelry collection or learn more about gemstone facts in our education center. Giving birthstones gifts is a thoughtful gesture that acknowledges a special part of the jewelry wearer. Or, if you’re shopping for yourself, it adds special meaning to your jewelry to wear your own birthstone colors. Many women also wear jewelry sporting the birthstone of a loved one, parent, child or sibling.



Anniversary Gemstones


Make your anniversary celebration extra romantic when you give a special anniversary stone or metal reflective of the number of years you’ve been married. Not only do anniversary gemstone jewelry pieces make great gifts for spouses, but it’s also a thoughtful way to recognize and celebrate the marriage of your loved ones including parents, siblings and close friends.

Silver present with silver bow.

25th Anniversary: Silver Anniversary

Jade bracelets in a variety of colors.

35th Anniversary: Jade

Stone Color Palette:

Jade color palette.
Golden Color.

50th Anniversary: Golden Anniversary

Purple and green colors.

55th Anniversary: Alexandrite

Stone Color Palette:

Alexandrite Color Pallete.