Peridot - Unique Peridot Jewelry at Shop LC

    The August birthstone is known for its shimmering and bright hue. The peridot jewelry is believed to bring peace and good fortune to its wearer.

    Shop LC offers a broad range of jewelry pieces designed with the tantalizing shade of this green gem. Also called as “evening emerald," peridot jewelry is still coveted for its intense glow on that special night out! In a setting of brilliant yellow gold or precious sterling silver, the beauty of this stone is exceptional.

    Peridot Rings

    The joyful spring green hue also makes this gem an excellent choice for daytime wear. The dynamic mix of fresh green and warm yellow explodes in stunning fashion in a beautiful ring. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry with a touch of class, then look no further than our peridot jewelry collection.

    Peridot Earrings

    Designer pieces for your ears coming from our exclusive collection are something to hold on to forever. From loveable heart studs to contemporary dangler earrings, you'll find a piece that fits perfectly with your impeccable style.

    Peridot Necklaces and Pendants

    Whether you are spiritually inclined or a fashion pro, our necklace collection has something for every taste. Either opt for a cross pendant or a Y-shaped necklace, the jewelry piece will bring an impressive glow to your face.

    Peridot Bracelet

    The beautiful and unique allure of this gem has been delightfully captured in our extraordinary assortment of jewelry for your wrist. Be it a designer bangle or a sophisticated tennis bracelet, you are sure to create fashion statement wherever you go.

    You'll find it's "easy being green" with the Shop LC peridot jewelry collection!

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