Add glam to your outfit with pendant necklaces from Shop LC. Whether it’s a dazzling diamond pendant necklace or a chic and trendy butterfly pendant, our playful and elegant jewelry is sure to bring a unique touch to your appearance.

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Est. Ret. Val: $9,999.99
Est.savings: 80%
5 x $400 payments*
Shop LC Price $2,499.99
Est. Ret. Val: $17,999.99
| You save an Extra: 20%
Price reduced from PRICE: $2,499.99 to Clearance: $1,999.99
5 x $400 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $1,399.99
Est.savings: 86%
5 x $40 payments*
Shop LC Price $299.99
Est. Ret. Val: $1,829.99
| You save an Extra: 20%
Price reduced from PRICE: $299.99 to Clearance: $239.99
5 x $48 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $1,359.99
Est.savings: 76%
5 x $64 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $1,669.99
Est.savings: 91%
5 x $31.6 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $3,689.99
Est.savings: 83%
5 x $126 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $1,099.99
Est.savings: 78%
5 x $48 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $999.99
Est.savings: 75%
5 x $49.6 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $899.99
Est.savings: 69%
4 x $70 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $1,499.99
Est.savings: 76%
5 x $72 payments*
Est. Ret. Val: $2,899.99
Est.savings: 62%
5 x $220 payments*

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Buy a trendy pendant online at Shop LC!

A pendant is a magnificent piece of jewelry that subtly elevates the vibe of any outfit that it is paired with. Be it a dress, or the classic pantsuit, pendants have a way of adding a personality to whatever you are wearing. Pendants are majorly used with chains and the way these beauties come together and enhance how you look is beyond commendable. The fact that these accessories go perfectly with all your outfits and also, change the vibe just how you like it is what makes them utterly desirable. At Shop LC, we have a variety of stunning pendant jewelry designed just for your fashionable self. Explore our collection of artisanal pendants designed to keep your outfits looking just perfect! Shop the collection now!

The pendant that creates a statement!

Jewelry is great, but our pendants are art altogether. A pendant is an example of how little things stir so much magic even with their tiny structures. The intricacy that our pendants present is exemplary and the fact that they are designed by industrial adepts (who are masters in their crafts) is what makes them absolute must-haves. These are created using the best metals and gemstones that add to the superior quality of our range of products. We source our inventory from the most authentic sites, only to deliver you while making you look your elegant self. Our rich, elaborate range of pendant jewelry allows you to choose from a plethora of options so that you may pick what you absolutely love.

While you treat yourself to our one-of-a-kind pendants, we suggest you also take a look through our collection of citrine jewelry, amethyst jewelry, and aquamarine jewelry that are known for their impeccable looks and also the magical benefits that they have to offer. Gemstone jewelry offers various physical and metaphysical benefits to enhance your well-being and this is your sign to own some. So, go ahead and shop for your favorite gemstone now!

Buy our distinguished range of pendants for that special evening!

Our designers know what shall look great on you, for they are well-versed with the latest trends in the fashion landscape. These talented individuals leave no stone unturned to take your style to the next level by incorporating their talent and artistry in our premium range of jewelry. These embody finesse, precision, and art that not only looks great on you but also serves value for money. Our pendants feature the most intricate designs, perfectly creating a look so that you stand out each time! Get your hands on our exquisite collection of pendant jewelry and style yourself up, the best way!
We value you and thus, we don’t shy away from giving you all that we could. As a token of thanks for your endless support, we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all your orders above $50! Happy shopping!

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