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    History of Emerald

    The word “emerald” finds its roots in the Latin word ‘esmeralda’, which originates from the Greek word “smargados” meaning “green gem. This beautiful green gem, likely first mined in Egypt, quickly became Queen Cleopatra’s favorite. Emerald was considered a symbol of eternal life in ancient Egypt, as it was a gift of Thoth, the God of Wisdom.

    Why Should I Buy Emerald Jewelry?

    Emerald is a precious stone, a popular and coveted member of the beryl family. Designated as birthstone for the month of May, this exotic gem is said to provide

    • Associated with goddess Venus, this gem is considered to bring harmony and security of love. Emerald opens up and nourishes the heart chakra. It promotes balance between partners and symbolizes unity and compassion. The gem boosts passion, be it a person, hobby, or career.
    • This stone of wisdom is said to enhance memory and boost focus and intent. Believed to activate psychic abilities and clairvoyance, emerald has been regarded as an aiding catalyst in foretelling the future.
    • Emerald has long been regarded as a gem that offers protection. This glimmering green beauty is said to save you from evil spells and magic.

    Emerald Jewelry for Every Occasion

    Emerald is a precious stone symbolizing abundance and luxury. The gem possesses an enchanting and blissful hue that goes well with any attire. The classic appeal never fails to mesmerize at any day or evening social occasion. When paired with white gold or silver, emerald exudes a soothing allure that translates into cultivated elegance. Held in yellow gold, this breathtaking gem unveils its regal appeal.

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