Ruby: Passion, love, power, devotion and elegance!

    The versatile, vivid ruby deserves its name as the "King of Gems." Its scarcity in nature can make a ruby more prized than the most flawless diamond. Its energetic red color catches the eye and infuses life in ruby jewelry. And you've come to the excellent platform to see it happen: the Shop LC ruby jewelry collection.

    Ruby Rings

    Our ring collection is an excellent choice for a ring your loved one will treasure forever. Whether you desire a romantic proposal or want to renew wedding vows, this luxurious jewelry piece is an idyllic choice for any occasion. Perfect for everyday wear, this piece of jewelry is apt to impress anyone. Be it a solitaire or a three stone piece or a designer cluster look, this exotic stone radiates beautiful red tones. So why are you waiting? Browse and find dazzling ruby rings to make everyone go green with envy.

    Ruby Earrings

    Our stunning earring catalog makes a perfect selection for any girl's jewelry must-haves. From classic studs or hoop earrings to contemporary dangles, this gem looks brilliant in every frame.

    Ruby Necklaces and Pendants

    A stunning necklace or pendant from our collection makes an ideal gift for any occasion. It’s a beautiful way to treasure your precious moments. The royal color of this gem is enough to make anyone fall in love.

    Ruby Bracelets

    This exclusive and designer wrist candy is an ideal gift for any special event. The persona of this jewelry piece will make a worthy celebrity accessory for any stylish woman. Check out our exclusive array of designer ruby bracelets and get a beautiful piece to accessorize your gorgeous appearance.

    Enjoy how Shop LC makes this July birthstone affordable and fun to wear!

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